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In praise of old books

I have, to the side of me, an old book. Could we ever say that of an e-reader. Well, yes. In these days of planned obsolescence today’s device is always going to be tomorrows embarrassment when weighed against newer, flashier … Continue reading

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In the context of the current political and economic situation, I feel the urge to resurrect a piece that I wrote during the course of last year. It deals with the themes of change, and how the interests of the … Continue reading

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Book Riot

Another rant on the subject of writing, this time referring to books and the reading thereof. OK, I suppose this post is mostly about reading. Maybe something in it will stir those silent few lurkers from who joined me … Continue reading

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In the country.

I must be doing something right. My last post dealt with a website,, that I have recently been toying with. I’m sure most readers could spot that I wasn’t exactly enamoured of that worthy organ.┬áBut I did manage to … Continue reading

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Oh, to be an author

I have recently joined an online organisation called, or WdC as its members like to call it. I write a fair bit; I would admit mostly self-indulgent drivel, and my ratio of draft/published is about 60:40. I just thought … Continue reading

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Grey Britain.

I can walk down any High Street in this country of ours and everywhere cast my eyes upon mirror images of myself. One at least for every half-dozen or so of the shop windows that bounce my reflection back at … Continue reading

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