In the country.

I must be doing something right. My last post dealt with a website,, that I have recently been toying with. I’m sure most readers could spot that I wasn’t exactly enamoured of that worthy organ. But I did manage to gain a few extra followers. Woohoo.

Hang on. They all seem to be Authors. Quiet ones at that. Maybe I said too much.

The chances of being covertly watched from across the street by mysterious men seem low though. We awoke on Christmas Eve morning to this..


How romantic. A canal at the bottom of the garden. Or perhaps a lake..


You can just see the trailer that the local farmer has used to close the road off. Good for them. It’s amazing how many people, seeing the road ahead flooded to an unknown depth, will drive straight in. They keep those revs high, thrashing their engines and creating a bow wave that curls up and over the bonnet, and as they pass washes away driveways and floods low-lying property. It’s an annual insurance claim that those householders must look forward to.


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